About Us

Dancing Lights Grove is a local independent druidic group. We are based in Durham Region, Ontario. We celebrate eight High Days a year and additional rituals, participate in charity events, host classes, meet for fellowship, and support our community.

Druidry is an earth-based Neopagan religion. We are polytheistic, meaning we worship many gods. The Earth and Nature are important to us, and we see them being worthy of reverence. We use both academic scholarship and personal gnosis to shape our practices and rituals. Druidry is a living religion, and we find our inspiration in all areas of life — the family and hearth, bardic and visual arts, healing, nurturing gardens, magic, as well as research and liturgy.

Dancing Lights Grove primarily celebrates in a Celtic hearth culture, honouring and worshipping the gods and goddesses of Ireland. We honour the Gods of the Grove, and all of the Kindred, through the Wheel of the Year.

For details on our upcoming rituals and events, please see our Calendar or join us on Facebook. For suggestions of how to prepare for and what to bring to our rituals, please see our Rituals page.