Membership in Dancing Lights Grove is like being part of a family. Together, we honour the changing seasons and worship the Kindred, celebrate life events like marriages and new children, help out our community by donating time and items to charity, and share love and laughter in fellowship.

Becoming a Member

To become a Member, tell a current Grove Member of your intent to join the Grove. Then, celebrate four High Day rituals with us. This allows us both to get to know each other better, and for you to ask us questions about the Grove and our rituals. After you’ve attended four High Day rituals, you’ll meet with the Leadership Council to review the rights and responsibilities of Membership and pay Membership dues.

At the next High Day ritual, we will formally welcome you to the Grove during the ritual, and provide you with a Grove talisman and copy of our liturgy. Also at this time, you will take the Unity Vow of our Grove:

I, __[name]__, swear before the Kindred and my tribe,
To respect and be a friend to my fellow grove members,
To work for the betterment of this grove,
And to uphold the integrity of the grove,
To the best of my ability, for as long as I am a member,
This I do swear by all I hold sacred.

Members can vote on matters of business at our Quarterly meetings, can use the Grove library, assist with and participate in ritual, run fellowship events, and attend Member-only events.

For more information about these types of Membership, and about the Membership Process, please refer to Article 3 of our Bylaws.

Under 18?

According to our Bylaws, no person under the age of 18 may apply to be a Member of Dancing Lights Grove. A person between the age of 14 and 17 may attend as a Guest, as long as they have provided a signed letter of informed consent from a parent or legal guardian prior to attending their first event. Anyone under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Membership Dues

Members pay dues to Dancing Lights Grove. Currently, this amount is $25, and is due annually at Samhain. These funds go towards our High Day rituals and other Grove events.