Our High Day rituals are open to the public. Anyone may attend. We ask that all attendees are respectful towards our deities, traditions, and practices.

Children under the age of 14 are welcome to attend and participate under the supervision of their parents or guardians. Persons aged 14 to 17 may attend on their own, providing that a signed letter of informed consent from their parent or legal guardian has been received prior to their first event.

We appreciate it when guests RSVP before attending. This lets us accommodate our guests, including making sure we have enough space and ritual supplies, and helps us work with you to meet any special needs. It also helps us get to know you if we haven’t met you before.

What to Wear and Bring

All guests at our rituals are welcome to bring praise offerings. Praise offerings are offerings brought by the folk to the gods that are being honoured that day and the rest of the gods, ancestors, and nature spirits. These offerings can consist of material goods or of spoken or sung words, prayers, and songs. Nobody is required to bring praise offerings, but if you wish to do so, you are more than welcome. If you have questions regarding when to do your offering, you can ask before the ritual.

Some of our rituals are entirely or partially outdoors; please dress for the weather. Please dress respectfully; there is no need to wear ritual robes, though you may if you wish. Most attendees wear nice casual clothing.

Our rituals are followed by a potluck feast. Please bring a dish and label all potential allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, soy, etc. Please also bring your own cup, plate, and cutlery.

At each High Day ritual, we collect non-perishable food items and household items for Simcoe Hall Settlement House, or another charity. You can view a list of most needed items at the Simcoe Hall website.

We suggest that you bring a $5 donation to help us cover the cost of renting the ritual site.

Specific details about what to bring to each event will be listed in the event announcements found on our calendar.

Ritual Structure

Our rituals follow the ADF Core Order of Ritual. Dancing Lights Grove has developed our own standard liturgy that follows this structure that we use in most rites. The rituals are created and led by one or two people, with the other members having ancillary roles in creating our sacred space and honouring the Kindred.

At each ritual, we honour the Three Kindred: the Gods, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits. After they are welcomed to our hearthside, all folk are welcome to make offerings to any deity or spirit of these Kindred. Then, we welcome the deity of the occasion, a deity whose story we choose to honour at this time of the year. They are accorded a special place in ritual, and the folk are welcome to make praise offerings to them also.

After we take an Omen to determine if our offerings have been accepted, we share in the blessings of the gods together by drinking the Waters of Life. We may also perform a magical working relating to the deity of the occasion or the seasonal changes of this High Day.