Though worship of all the Kindreds is welcome at our rites, Dancing Lights Grove has a Celtic hearth, and we primarily honour the gods and goddesses of Ireland, the Túatha Dé Danann. Among the Three Kindreds, a few deities are honoured as the Gods of the Grove, and are given special honour throughout our Wheel of the Year.

The Earth Mother is the first mother of all; Her body is the land that sustains, nourishes, and upholds us. She is both global and local: the macrocosm itself, but also the spirit of our bioregion. She is given first honour in our rites.

Brighid is the hearth goddess, the fiery inspiration of bards, healers, smiths,
and mothers. Our hearth fire, around which we gather, is blessed by Her. Some of our Members are dedicated in Her service as Flametenders.

Lugh is the king of the tribe and Master of All Skills; He is a patron of warriors and craftsmen alike. Skilled with a spear and sling, He exhibits perseverance, discipline, and strength. A leader and protector, we celebrate His birth, fosterage, and championship.

Manannán mac Lir is the god of the sea and the ways between. He is the Gatekeeper in our rites, and aids us in communicating with the Gods. The foster-father of Lugh, He is a master magician and amicable guide; a powerful ally in our Druidry.

An Dagda is the Good God, skilled in Druidry. The keeper of Coire Ansic, an ever-full cauldron, An Dagda is a bountiful god of prosperity and abundance, but also of cunning wisdom and the mysteries of magic.

An Cailleach is a primal creatrix; She is the goddess of Winter and the ancient Land. We know Her as An Cailleach of the Oaken Ridge, originating from and living on the Oak Ridges Moraine, which houses the headwaters of many streams in Durham Region.

In addition to honouring these deities, we seek to revive and adapt Celtic folk practices into our worship, believing that we can more fully experience the culture of our gods by participating in them. Over time, we have developed our Lore for each High Day, which continues from year to year, building our traditions.